Played a little bit with .NET Core on my Ubuntu laptop tonight. It’s surprisingly easy to setup. I do really appreciate Microsoft, as a tech giant founded 41 years ago(founded in 1975) because it is still innovative.

People had said bad thing about Microsoft. Ever since I started writing my first website in grade 8, I’ve seen things like “Dang it M$! I got virus on my computer”, “Oh! it’s the blue screen again! Thanks M$”, “Internet Explorer sucks”(well, it still sucks. But Edge is not too bad comparing to it’s ancestor :p). But when I began using C# and Visual Studio, I started hear good things.

.Net framework is one of them.

The new cross platform .Net framework is now open sourced. It allows you to write C# code on any platform. You can write .NET MVC web application, even WCF service on Linux and Mac! This definitely a big step for the tech giant to catch up to the open source world.

I’ll write more as I play more with it.

Good night New York!