maxresdefaultYou’d be surprised how many people don’t know much about China. At the same time, many people who live in the country¬†don’t know much about her either.

A Chinese band called “Tianfu Incident” composed a song called “This is China” described how the media has manipulated people’s¬†impression of China. Yes, the pollution, the food security issue, bad behavior of the new rich people, they happened. But China is changing. This is the message they try to bring out.

I was surprised that the song talks about this kind of thing. I appreciate these young men who are brave enough to tell the world about the negative events. At the same time, I see the energy of how the younger generation is trying to do something to correct the mistakes and improve the situation.

Last but not least, I love the Chinese factor in this song! That makes it authentic and unique. I hope you’ll like it too!

Good night New York!