I watched the Google conference about their newly released phone Pixel. I was amazed by the Google assistant. Remember the deep learning algorithm used in Alpha Go, a program which beat one of the best professional Go player Lee Sedol in March 2016. It has been scaled out and used as the foundation for many applications. The world is becoming more and more automated. I recalled a conversation with a co-worker a year ago about how eventually machines will replace human in many ways. Maybe one day, we will have no reason to work. Of course, this worry might not be necessary for now.

It reminds me thinking how technology change so quickly that 10 years ago we could only imagine all of these things. Pixel looks like a very good phone. But I don’t like to get a new phone just because it’s cool. I can’t stand that some of my friends who get a new phone every year. So, I’ll wait. This is an interesting presentation. I think you might like it.

Good night New York!