be yourself

I grew up as an introvert kid. I was doing pretty good at school when I was younger. But I always worried that I’m not good enough. Until one day, when I got into a pretty good secondary school, I “realize” I’m actually smarter than what I thought I was. Then this thought was destroyed. Because there are many classmates that were doing way better than me in school. I became the nervous introvert kid again right after the first month of school.

As mentioned in the book Smarter Faster Better, I learned that I fell into a trap of thinking anything outside of my intelligent was unsolvable. Of course, I soon realized that fact that I did well in school was not because I was much smarter than others. But because I worked so hard to get the good score. When I started spending more time studying, I began doing better in school.

That reminded me of a cultural shock I had when I first came to the States. Because the curriculum was much harder in Hong Kong than the States. I did pretty well in high school without spending too much effort. Some classmates said that I’m “smart”. I was shocked that my fellow classmates just assumed I was smart instead of thinking I studied hard.

From my observation, most people have similar levels of intelligent. It’s the hard work and repeatedly breaking their plateau that made them look smart (As I mentioned in how to be an expert). There is no other way. If you want to stand out and do better at something than anyone else, you have to spend time and actually do work.

I’m not saying everyone should behave the same way. If you’re comfortable with being who you are, no one should judge you except yourself. When you look back to what you have achieved in the past 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years. Will you regret of not trying something if you’re scared? I will.

No matter what your goal is, you should keep it real. Stop lying to yourself! Eliminating all the reasonable human error, including procrastination. Are you doing everything right to achieve your goal?

I already started doing something instead of waiting, how about you?

Good night New York!