As a human being myself, food and water are the most important fuel. However, I found that mental fulfillment has become more and more important to wake me up in the morning.

News, podcasts, twitter and facebook has become the main source of information of my life. They served for different purposes. For example, facebook is for catching up how are my friends doing; twitter is to see if there is something new about companies or organizations I care about; news is to get the first-hand information of what is happening in the world right now. The problem is, this information grew exponentially every single second. I wouldn’t able to catch up all of them within my lifetime.

So I started sorting out what’s more important to me and how bad do I need them. I need some way to help myself doing that. I know that some news apps are already doing that. But I think it’d be nice if I can train a program to do this for me.

I need cleaner and more concentrated information as my fuel. Let me know what’s your thought.

Good night New York!