About this image: Keep calm and carry on

I’m listening to an audio book called “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg. There is a chapter about how a crew of pilots crashed a plane(Air France Flight 447), which has no mechanic problem at all, into the ocean. In contrast, another crew landed a plane(Qantas Flight 32) safely at Singapore Changi Airport with a failed engine.

There are many mistakes made by the pilots that crashed the plane. One main reason is that they simply response without knowing what was actually happening. Even the dashboard was warning they exactly what was wrong. They ignored the issue. There were several times if they could stay calm and react correctly to the warnings, the disaster could be avoided.

Do similar scenarios happen to our daily lives? When you’re daydreaming in a meeting and the manager ask you a question, did you panic and say something dumb? When you need to print something important and all of a sudden the printer won’t work? How do you react to these issues?

So, how do the other crew of pilots landed safely? The key is to stay calm and focused in chaotic environments. Keep calm so you won’t over react. Think about what’s going on and how you should act.

To do that, you can create an image of the normal situation in your mind. For example, when your printer is not working, imagine how does the printer look like when it’s normal. Then compare it with the malfunctioning printer in front of you. Is the error light turned on? Is it out of paper? Is a paper jammed? Or is it out of ink? etc.

Only with a calm mind, then you can focus on the real problem and solve it. Keep calm and carry on!

Good night New York!