Someone asked me this question yesterday “Why did you decide writing one article every day?” This is a personal decision. Not necessarily private, but personal. I have gone through some down time lately. Mostly due to procrastination and laziness.

I have gone through some down time lately. Mostly due to procrastination, and laziness. I knew that I need to do something to get through this emotional notch. So I started exercising. It’s a good way to get yourself relief from stress by the way. And then I some good ideas began to come out of my mind. Business ideas, self-improvement ideas, and some fun programming project ideas.

“I have to put these thoughts down”, I thought. So I realized that I haven’t utilized my personal website to write anything since the first post due to my laziness. I better not waste my money. Who knows? Someone might get inspired.

What should I write? Anything! Anything that I think is interesting, inspiring or maybe just a diary of the day. I want someday when I look back, I’d have something to be proud of(and brag to my friends :p). So I made it a little bit more challenging.

That’s why I started writing every day. And I dare you to do the same. #writeOneArticleEveryDay

Good night New York!